Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?

Whether your project requires millions of plastic parts or just several thousand per year, here are a few of the reasons why you should consider Qiao Feng as your plastic injection supplier:

  • Extensive experience in making two-component (2K) injection – One of Qiao Feng’s specialties is two component (2k) plastic injections. With the increasing demand in this particular technic, Qiao Feng is seeking to refurbish its double-colour injection facility and to import new machineries to increase its capacity.
  • Automatic robot arm – To speed up the production, we have employed automatic robot arms and similar machines in our production line. These are used to transfer processed parts quickly and cheaply to the next injection step. This is especially true for the work carried out during the overnight shifts.
  • Isolated injection workshop – We understand that there are different requirements for products. Our dustless workshops, for example, are highly controlled and monitored by the Programmable Temperature & Humidity Control Boxes. In order to increase the effectives of the plastic material, we adjust the temperature and humidity level according to its specifications.
  • Quality – At Qiao Feng, we take quality control very seriously. Each plastic product must go through a series of test analysis to ensure the quality strictly meets both the ISO standards and our clients’ requirements.
  • Clients – Qiao Feng differentiates from others by its passion and enthusiasm to continual development. We are committed to help our clients to tackle new challenges, turn impossible into possible, and deliver innovative solutions. Qiao Feng takes ownership to solve clients’ problems and anticipates new opportunities in our every possible reach. We put our client first and to stand from their point of view to help give our professional advice.
We hope you like what you have seen so far. We promise we’ve got more to show.

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