Manufacturing Process Profile

One-Stop Service Profile

Qiao Feng offers a fully integrated project solution, from design, development & prototyping of tooling and mould flow analysis simulation, to streamline production of top quality injection moulded products with added value secondary operations such as painting and surface finishing, to packaging and distribution.

Within each stage is a whole load of complicated processes. To make lives easier, we have provided a basis service guide to indicate what we offer at each stage.

Nothing is possible unless we work together. Close communications are maintained throughout each stage between our clients and our team. Our knowledgeable sales representative helps redirect your requests to our team, this enables us to deliver your product into reality.

Process Guide

To manufacture a plastic injected component there is a process that we follow. Each stage has its own cycle. Moulds or parts that do not meet the standards remain at their current stage until all requirements have been achieved. We understand that critical changes may encounter and affect the initial agreed timeline but our team, under the condition of not affecting the quality, will try their best to make the extended timeframe as short as possible.

The initial stage of the project will be the quotation and contacting stage. During this our team will communicate with customers about their quotation(s) for feedback. A project management team will be formed to develop the following specifications alongside our clients:

a) Cost analysis
b) Part specification
c) Package, quantity and delivery schedule
d) Quality standard
e) Test standard, and
f) Any other requirements

Where necessary, we can provide a primary technical analysis. Once the client approves the quotation the team will quickly move onto the next stage. This process map is based on the one-stop service. Therefore, depending on the client's need the stages will vary.

1. Design

New product development/product structure design/mould design/packaging design/design fixture for painting and dimension measurement

2. Tooling Manufacturing

We have several sub-teams within the tooling department: CNC, Wire Cutting, EDM, CNC Lathe, Grinding, Auxiliary, Professional Polishing, Mould Inspection, Quality Inspection, and Fitting.

3. Plastic Injection

Different Injection Workshop: isolated and dustless controlled by the Programmable Temperature & Humidity Control Boxes. We have 128 sets of injection machines ranging from 40 to 3,300 tonnes, automatic robot arms, two component (2K) injection machines.

4. Painting

Six painting lines, UV automatic spraying line with two coating and two grilling function, CO2 Cleaning Pre-treatment Dry Ice Blasting Machine, dustless auto-painting, spray painting, laser etching, pad printing, stamp printing, silkscreen printing, and many more. Besides these machines we have a range of treatments and systems such as pre-treatment, multi-phase surface treatment, and mixed painting system. Tests and quality control are applied throughout this stage.

5. Other Surface Finishing

Other auxiliary surface treatment processes such as silk screen, pad printing, laser engraving and hot stamping are some of the common processes in our factory. Enquiry about our other surface treatment if it's not on the list.

6. Assembling

We have eleven (11) U-shaped and linear assembling lines that spread across the dust-free assembling workshop. 

7. Testing

At this stage the product is mostly ready, we just need to do some more final tests to ensure the quality is at high standard. Products that passed the quality control examinations will be packed according to the clients’ specification. The ones that fail the tests will be taken out for investigation – the team will then decide whether modification or improvement plan is required.

60 sets of advanced in-house high precision test equipment such as Three-Coordinate Measuring Machine, Optical Measuring Machine, Image Measuring Machine, Optical Comparator, Digital Display Height Gauge, Two-Dimension Measuring Instrument, and Rubbing Tester, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment, Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Instrument, Abrasion Taster, Colour Reader, Gloss Meter, Three-Dimension Measuring Instrument.

8. Warehouse

We have three floors of storage area that split the raw materials, unfinished goods, and completed components into sections that are monitor and controlled by our storage team.

9. Delivery

Delivery service including exporting tooling and plastic components worldwide and domestic delivery to China Regions.

As tooling, plastic injection and painting are the three major services of our business we have provided separate pages for each.

If you have any questions about our process then please contact us, we’re more than happy to explain in more depth and also to provide you with a quotation.