Facility and Equipment


When it comes to painting plastic parts, Qiao Feng is proud to say it is a specialist.

Even though painting was not one of the original services of Qiao Feng, the company quickly stepped in this particular area in the early 90s. Qiao Feng predicted a significant increase in the market demand, and made the decision to strike first to gain the initiative. Investing over 30millions USD on equipment and facility, Qiao Feng established its very own painting and spraying workshop. And rightly so, with the economy boost and rising demand, Qiao Feng was in the right position to offer its clients this additional service.

Following our continual development spirit, the list below marks some of the significant investments and upgrades within our painting area:

  • Introduction of UV automatic spraying line with two coating and two grilling function in 2005;
  • Millions of USD were invested on four additional painting lines;
  • A CO2 Cleaning Pre-treatment Dry Ice Blasting Machine was installed and incorporated to the painting system in 2015;
  • Over 2 million RMB were invested on GRACO 3KS mixing system in 2015 and GRACO 2KS mixing system in 2017.
  • Established a brand new ABB Painting Line with maximum capacity of 1.8m(L)×1m(W)×0.5m(H) in 2019.

Our painting facilities acquire a collective of seven painting lines, of which two are automatic, three are robotic arms and two are manual. Within these facilities are 70+ machineries such as dustless auto-painting and spray painting. Besides these machines we have a range of treatments and systems such as multi-phase surface treatment and 2KS and 3KS mixing system.

8.55 million of plastic parts are painted annually and this increases year-on-year. Our monthly painting capacity for automotive panel is around 600,000 pieces. When including high-gloss painted products, the number increases to over 1 million pieces per month for the knobs and brackets product. We guarantee that all products and components we deliver to our clients are at the highest quality. Our team are tasked to meet our ‘Zero Defect Tolerance’ in order to achieve a quality assurance level of 100 per cent.

Our painting and finishing department provides customers the perfect solution to finish their products. In 2015, we successfully fulfilled all high-end requirements from clients such as BMW for their high-gloss UV spray products.