Asia Maker Center

Asia Maker Center

Asia Maker Center (AMC) is a vibrant, creative and comfortable community that provides access to tools, software and working space to students, researchers, and inventors.

AMC is established in 2015, in response to the Government’s entrepreneurship and innovation policy. AMC provides visitors a platform to creative, explore and turn their ideas into realities. The 1,000 square meters AMC is equipped with basic prototype development equipment, such as laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, 3D printers, mechanical processing equipment and many other tools. Visitors are welcomed to utilise our workshop for prototype development and to use the seminar room, conference room, lecture theatre, common room, and playground during their stay and most importantly all are free of charge. From design to prototype to mass production, Qiao Feng is the answer to many youngsters. We will ensure you have a meaningful and rewarding experience.

All inventors are welcomed to join us from all over the world and develop a better vision for the future. You can make virtually anything at AMC, we hope you can come and build your dream.

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Self Branded Products

The below 3D Printers and Bluetooth Speakers are Qiao Feng's self-branded products. Both products have several sizes and models. Contact one of our Sales Representatives or visit our online stores shown above.
Qiao Feng 3D Printer is an organic product. From R&D, production to sales the team launches its 3D printers in accordance to the market trend. The principle of the design is based on Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), which is a type of rapid prototyping technology. The 3D printer produces high quality objects with outstanding strength and stability. The mechanical structure of the 3D printer is simple, stable, reliable, flexible and has durable mobile parts. Our 3D printers can not only be used for prototyping in manufactures but also in handicraft design, real-life situation, education, DIT design, and many other fields.

In response to the market demand, we launched our self-branded mini 3D printer in 2017. It has simple goals: to encourage youngsters to move away from playing and watching addictive games and video; and to encourage and inspire youngsters to be creative using the provided technology platform. It aims to provide better and more meaningful lifestyle for youngster, something that they could grow up being proud of.

Our mini 3D printer is compact and easy to operate. This has been widely complemented by our consumers.