Facility and Equipment

Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection moulding is ideal for mass production and part manufacturing as it can replicate the same part continuously and consistently with control.

We have a complete range of injection machines that varies from 10 to 3,300 tons. To date, there are 128 sets of injection machines within the factory. Our fully equipped factory not only makes it easy for us to turn complicated designs into reality but also enables us to keep everything in-house.

We are more than capable to handle multiple projects that requires large quantity. Our average monthly capacity is around 3.5million pieces, yet this will be largely increased throughout our continual development.

Our engineers have experience in designing, selecting the right materials and equipment, and producing the perfect plastic injection product. We will carefully select the right materials to fit your budget. And if your product requires two colours then you’ve found the right place. Our team is also a specialist in two component (2K) injection. We have 46 in-house double colour injection machines with capacity level that ranges from 120 to 250 tonnes. The products we produce are very high quality with close dimension tolerances ensuring exact specifications.

We also have several Isolated injection workshops such as dust-free workshop and cleanroom with standard: 100,000 that are equivalent to ISO Class 8. Dust-free room is available for isolating some injection processes to ensure product stability and minimize pollution to products, especially for transparent parts. These rooms are usually in a controlled environment where Programmable Temperature & Humidity Control Boxes are adapted. Other workshops may contain automatic robot arms to transfer processed parts to the next injection stage.

Our clients are pleased to know that inspections are carried out every two hours throughout the injection processes. The inspection acts as a deselecting function that stops products with lower quality standards to proceed to the next stage. This helps to prevent additional wastage.

We also have a variety of finishing machines and assembling lines for the next product stage. For instance, we have eleven (11) U-shaped assembling lines and eight (8) Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment.

AOI testing is carefully carried out after assembling processes for quick and accurate checking on all laser etching button area. Making sure the light transparency and consistency of the buttons are at high standards. The test will also make sure products fit in well and have good functions.