Clients and Our Products

Automotive Parts

In 2005, the company began building moulds and manufacturing automotive goods such as central sound system, instrument panel, and navigator, knobs & brackets. Later in 2008, Qiao Feng worked closely with key industrial professionals to comply with the TS 16949 standard. During 2010 and 2015, the company invested more than 40 million RMB for two new ABB robotic arms and a three-spray three-baked automatic spraying line, a new front processing CO2 dry ice processing machine (Cold Jet), and a 3KS (Graco) automatic blending system to meet the increasing market demand across the globe. Since 2016, our automotive panels acquire 20% market shares in the Chinese automotive market. In 2017, we upgraded the 2KS (Graco) water-based automatic mixing system to meet the BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other high-end requirements of the UV coating products. With such extensive facilities and experience, we believe that we will continually create brilliance in the automotive industry.

Other Brands

Throughout the 30 years, Qiao Feng had worked with hundreds and thousands of different brands. Here are some examples and categories of who we have worked with.

Automated Cash and Cashless Handling Machines
Transportation ticketing, vending machine and ATM are common equipment for commercial automation that can save manpower and facilitate transaction. In 2003, Qiao Feng began manufacturing bill validator, bill recycler, coin hopper and coin recycler. It further extended its range to coin payment systems, cashless payment systems and money handling solutions in 2009. Our parts are widely distributed in several continents. They have been widely used in manufacturing, services and retailing industries such as supermarkets, banks, casinos, transport station, car parks and many others. This particular field accounted 10 percent of our sales turnover in 2017. With such growing demand in convenient and self-operating machineries for payments and purchasing goods/services, we believe that the prospects of this industry is bright. Our company will continue to work with industrial experts to further develop these applications.

Cameras Parts
The camera products were introduced in 1996. At that time, cameras were in great demands and was one of Qiao Feng main business revenue. However, due to the ever-changing technology, the camera parts slowly had been replaced by other consumer goods such as mobile phones. Despite the significant decrease in demands, Qiao Feng is yet producing camera parts 20 years after.

Medical Fittings and Parts
Since 2017, Qiao Feng has been working with international medical clients on projects that involved creating moulds and plastic parts for haemodialysis machines, drug dosage controllers, wheelchairs, filters, and many other products. Qiao Feng was certified in early 2018 for ISO13485, ISO Medical Device Standard. In addition, Qiao Feng is building a dedicated medical project team to fulfil specific posts and to enhance our control over our production process and products. The team will undergo professional training to correspond to the high efficiency and high standard medical project operation. Within Qiao Feng’s 2018 Plant Hardware Improvement Program are projects that aim to develop our facilities and knowledge in which can contribute towards the future medical market. Such planning involves upgrading existing clean room and facilities to meet higher international rankings/requirements that could in turn help us secure and win more medical product projects.

Aerospace Parts
Qiao Feng started producing aerospace parts in 2014. Due to the nature of the aerospace industry, all products and critical components must meet the strict zero-defect tolerance standards to achieve 100 percent quality assurance. Despite the strict audit and customers’ expectations, Qiao Feng smoothly passed the AS9100 aerospace product quality certification in 2015 and engaged in producing aviation products for foreign customers.