Our Services

Our Services

For 30 years Qiao Feng has provided high-quality, cost-effective tooling, injection moulding, painting, and other services for sectors such as automotive, medical and consumer electronics.

Through development and industrialisation process, Qiao Feng has become an expert in plastic and steer concepts and products. We take great pride in providing innovative designs, superior customer support and satisfaction, while leading the industry in value for the quality of products offered.

The diversified range of products we offer implemented our specialised techniques and services. With our continual development, our one-stop service now offers our clients the following options:

  • Product Development
  • Product Structure Design
  • Mould Design and Manufacturing
  • Plastic Part Injection
  • Surface Treatment & Finishing
  • Product Assembly
  • Packaging, and
  • Delivery (nationally and globally).

We understand that there is no such thing as one-size- fits-all. Whether you have major project that requires millions of parts or smaller project that needs only a few thousand parts per year, Qiao Feng is here to provide quality moulds and parts on time and at a competitive price. Be reassured that each stage varies and are adapted to suit our clients’ needs. So, speak with our knowledgeable sales staff, our team will work closely with you to ensure excellence and high-quality standards in the finished product.

The three major areas we largely focused on are tooling, plastic injection and painting. Please click on the learn more options below to go to their respective pages.


We design and build precision moulds and transfer moulds for plastic components of the highest quality and have been doing since 1987. Our engineers have aided design in many projects which significantly reduced production and labor costs for our customers,...

Plastic Injection

Our company is equipped with the latest injection machines that varies from 40 to 3,300tons. We are more than capable to handle multiple projects that requires large quantity. Our average monthly capacity is around 3.5 million pieces, yet this will be largely increased,…


When it comes to painting plastic parts, Qiao Feng is proud to say it is a specialist. Our painting services ranges from dustless auto-painting, laser engraving, pad printing and many more. Our painting and finishing department provides customers the perfect solution to finish their products….

We hope our company is what you are looking for, and that you'll contact us for quotations. Please visit our Manufacturing Process Profile page for more information about our process. Alternatively, please contact us, our team will be more than happy to answer your enquiries.