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Home visits: Are you ready for the Spring Festival?


As the New Year is getting closer, our CSR team visited over 300 senior citizens of Xikeng Community, delivering love and attention. For every visit the team asks in detail about the physical conditions of the elderlies, their daily life and their family life. Winter may be cold but our effort and our love will warm the society up.

Mr Ho Hai Lin, Deputy General Manager of Qiao Feng, took lead and sent sympathy gifts such as fruit baskets and cookies to those who were 60 years old and above. In addition, each were given a Qiao Feng complementary cards so they could enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea in our restaurant (we understand how hard it is for them to prepare a meal, and we do not want to see them skipping any).

“Many thanks to all the care and attention Qiao Feng had given us, they come visit us several times per year, we will definitely take care of our body.”

We act to influence others
It is as important to educate the younger generations to pay respect to the elderlies and show them how they could support and look after their senior family members. Physically and mentally, we must let the elderlies feel that they can dependent on us as family, and as community, to provide the care and support they need.